Oliver Moore | September 23, 2020 | Updated on: December 16th, 2022
85.37/ 100
Slot Type
Classic Slots Video Slots
Slot Reels
Cascading Reels, Cash Prizes, Community Jackpot, Free Spins, Scatters, Wild Symbol.
Min. Bet
Slot Themes
Jungle, Treasure, Hollywood, Gods, Ancient World, etc.
Slot RTP

Star Spins slot: plenty of opportunities in one place

If you are looking for exclusiveness and the highest quality in the casino industry, Star Spins is your perfect pick. It was launched in 2014 and since then, it has been playing an important role in the slot market. This game combines the great variety of slot opportunities of any taste. Incredible bonus features are also available daily in this gaming galaxy.

It is all about the slots. Various themes that excite your imagination are developed with the exclusive quality and brand-new technological capabilities. Whether you want to compete for the progressive jackpot, or simply test your luck in hitting winning combos, or even just get more familiar with the slot concept and gameplay – here you can find all of it.


To receive the best gaming experience of your life, you can open the Star Spins game as a guest or connect yourself via the e-mail or your Facebook account. The game can be played in the Instant Mode through the web browser on the computer or downloaded to any mobile device. This game is the complex of games that are opened on the different levels. The game is free and do not offer real money wins, but coins can also be bought additionally.

Various in-game options can satisfy any taste. Both progressive and non-progressive jackpots, themes of all genres, and unique bonus features including common Wilds and Scatters and much rarer cascading reels will create the best gaming atmosphere for all.

Design and Gameplay

The gameplay is very intuitive and even a complete beginner can easily start to play:

  1. Open the Star Spins Slot website or download the application to your mobile via App Store or Google Play depending on what device you have and also open it there;
  2. For saving your progress and receiving the in-game bonuses and promotions, proceed with the registration in the game using your e-mail or your Facebook account; if you connect with the game, all your achievements will be saved;
  3. After the simple registration process, choose the particular option you would like to play or start from the very beginning of the level-up system with the Star Spins starting game;
  4. Collect all the offered bonuses including the daily bonus, receive Experience Points and open more and more in-game slots with every reached level;
  5. Purchase additional coins in the in-game store if you ran out of those you have already received or simply want to have more for your game.

The graphics and animations of Star Spins are very beautiful. The design of the game is fulfilled in the deep purple color which help the gamer focus and think positively. Both website and application of the game are illustrated in the Las Vegas style with all its spotlights, richness, and power. The following design elements are also present:

  • classic slot images like sevens, cherries, and bars;
  • gold coins;
  • the wheel of fortune;
  • thematic images including phoenix, jungle and safari animals, gems and instruments, and many more.

All images are created using the fascinating 3D graphics. The game is colorful with high-quality effects. So playing Star Spins, the gamer totally dives into this whole Las Vegas casino atmosphere which makes every player happy.

Bonuses & Promotions

This game is completely full of promotions, bonuses, and various gift that make the game process  exciting even for the pickiest player. Since the game is constantly updated and new bonuses appear, the gamer will never get bored. The following bonus features can be experienced in the Star Spins game:

  1. The daily bonus which is a particular amount of coins (200 coins) that can be received just by opening and entering the game every day;
  2. The VIP status that has its own rewarding system – for example, at the first Blue level of the VIP, the gamer receives 20 coins every day;
  3. The leveling up system – each new level can be opened once the needed amount of experience point is collected by the gamer through playing on the slot; each level when opens bring the good reward to the gamer as well.
  4. The bonus which restarts every four hours; this means that the gamer can enter the game every four hours and collect his 750 coins;
  5. The Welcome bonus that is granted to every new gamer right upon the registration – the sum of this gift equals 50 thousand coins.

All the bonuses create a perfect opportunity for everyone to play for free and enjoy of the benefits of the casino world without any pressure or tension, and without being afraid of the risk to lose everything. Thanks to these in-game bonuses, even if the gamer runs out of all his coins, he simply can wait for four hour to receive more coins and continue gambling.

The Star Spins slot game is a great finding for the beginners since it allows them to fully dive into the slot world and learn everything about them for free. The gambling rush is definitely authentic and totally reminds the land-based counter-part. Since the game encourages the gamer to open the website or the mobile version every day in order to collect all bonuses, all players are guaranteed to have awesome daily time playing on the Star Spins.

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