Blackjack Online
Oliver Moore | September 18, 2020 | Updated on: April 8th, 2022

Blackjack Online Casino Game in Australia

Blackjack is an iconic game played worldwide. It is one of the “classic trio” casino games. Blackjack, Roulette, and Poker are usually offered in many land-based casinos, as well as in online casinos. Simplicity of Blackjack rules makes it highly appealing to beginners. It might take a long time to become a real pro, but the basics are pretty easy. Prepare for a deep dive into the blackjack online casino game!

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Best Casinos to Play Blackjack Online for Real Money in Australia

Despite the fact that the rules of the blackjack are quite simple, players should use the right strategy. Below we have prepared several tips and tricks concideresd to be winning ones. We will also supply you with a basic strategy that even newbies can master at ease.

How Do You start to Play Online Blackjack?

The free online blackjack game is quite simple: the player has to score twenty-one points. More precisely, 21 is an ideal option, it is desirable to collect the number of points as close as possible to this number. The main thing is not to go over this limit, since a player who scored 22 points or more automatically loses. Then the players’ cards are compared with the dealer’s cards, the winning situation is when the player’s points exceed the dealer’s points, and the sum of points is less than or equal to 21.

Best starting hands at blackjack online

In blackjack, each card is equal to a certain number of points. Cards from 2 to 10 give 2-10 points respectively. Jacks, queens, and kings are also equal to 10 points, and an ace can be equal to 1 or 11 points. The best hand is an ace and ten on the first two cards. This hand is called a blackjack.

Online blackjack casino Betting strategy

The Double Down strategy is is number one among gamblers. Having lost, the player doubles his bet – and so on until he wins. And if you win, you should immediately return to the original bet amount. But here it is important to have a sufficient amount of money.

Working Strategy on how to always win blackjack online

The basic strategy is when a player who has received a dozen or more points in his hands passes so as not to risk getting 10 points, as this is likely. There are a number of other tips to help you win:

  • Playing with the strategy reduces the dealer’s advantage by up to 2%.
  • At 11 you need to double.
  • With a soft hand and 17 points, you need to double.

Implying strategies increases your chances and makes the game even more entertaining. However it’s important not to get carried away.

Blackjack Online

Top Australia Online Blackjack Games Variations and terms you need to know

A lot of gamblers of online casinos have a quite general understanding of blackjack, where it is necessary to get 21 points. But below, we’ll take a look at the 3 most popular game variations among Australian players.

Blackjack online Variations

Here are the most popular versions:

  • Atlantic City Blackjack is a variation of Blackjack, which became popular due to its low house edge which gives players moderately good chances of winning, providing that they apply a strategy correctly. It is a very challenging and enticing version which makes it extremely appealing to a huge number of players globally.
  • European Blackjack is a good game for beginners to practice before playing other variations of this game. The rules are quite similar to the classic 21 and the house edge is 0.39%. As for this version of the game, the advantage is achieved by playing in two decks, as opposed to others, which use six to eight decks.
  • Perfect Blackjack is a blackjack variation that allows players to place up to five blackjack bets and up to five side bets. Since the basic blackjack rules apply, after the first two cards are dealt, the player may place an insurance bet. However, what makes this game special is the Perfect Pairs side bet that is placed before any card is given to the player.

Whichever variation of the blackjack you choose, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic terms that are used in the game.

Online Blackjack terms

Below we have compiled a list of the most common terms for you:

  • Stand – the player’s refusal from an additional card;
  • Hit – the player’s request to the dealer for an additional card for the box;
  • Split – the player splits the first two cards of the same value into two separate boxes by adding a bet;
  • Double – an opportunity for the player to double his bet on the box with the first two cards;
  • Blackjack – the maximum winning combination in the game;
  • Even money – when the dealer has an ace, an opportunity for the player to receive a payout on the boxes with blackjack 1 to 1 before the start of the draw;
  • First base – from a card counter’s point of view, first base is the only seat at the Blackjack table where wagering can be based upon the deck’s true count;
  • Hole card – a card lying face down on the table;
  • Surrender – the player’s refusal to collect cards for the box and continue playing on it that is only possible on the first two cards and usually impossible with the dealer’s ace open;
  • Upcard – in order to attract players, some casinos may introduce the possibility for players to make various side bets, usually playing independently of the main bets placed on the boxes.
  • Is online blackjack legal in Australia?

    Online Blackjack is one of the most popular games at Australian casinos. But operating online gambling sites in Australia is illegal. It is also illegal to provide an online casino to Aussies or provide games for real money. But at the same time, it is not illegal for players to partake in these games.
  • Does Card Counting Work for Online Blackjack?

    Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to count the cards online. This method works when the used cards are removed from the deck, allowing the player to calculate at least approximately what cards are left and act accordingly. As a rule, in online blackjack, all cards are returned to the deck after the game.
  • Can you win money playing blackjack online?

    Despite the advantage of online casinos over players, blackjack is the friendliest game that allows you to win and receive money. This is not just a game of chance, like, for example, real money roulette, it requires experience, skill, knowledge of the rules, and a systematic approach.
  • Is online blackjack safe to play for Aussies?

    Australians are allowed to play on international online casinos. The government takes an issue with the sites themselves and their ability to market to Australians and wants to license overseas providers itself, but the players have no part in the legal battle that could ensue. Players are free to choose whatever sites are available to them and compete in online table games, virtual slot machines, and poker games.
  • Do online casinos cheat at blackjack?

    The dealing cards cannot be predicted in advance or adjusted, since they appear randomly generated by the computer technique, so no one can influence the outcome. The online game totally follows computer algorithms. A trusted online casinos licensed by auditors cares about the reputation and will never deceive customers.