How To Win Pokies
Oliver Moore | November 2, 2021 | Updated on: April 8th, 2022

How to Win Pokies in Australia: Practical Tips for 2022

Different pokies strategies work ideally in unique gameplay rounds. As such, there’s no one-size-fits-all formula on how to win at pokies. Applying the right approach in the right situation makes all the difference. Discover how to win pokies in Australia, the best pokie machine to win in Australia, helpful strategies, and how to use them for improved winning possibilities.

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Pokies How to Win: Expert Tips to Get Started

Do you know how to make a pokie machine payout? The following are common expert recommendations to get started on how to win pokies in Australia.

  1. Determine What’s Hot Or Cold
    A brilliant suggestion on how to win online pokies is to figure out the “hot” and “cold” games before placing a bet. Hot slots are the titles that have been remarkably active and paying well recently, while cold pokies are the ones that customers are leaving due to the low win frequency. Gambling sites provide this information on their gaming page, but you may request it from a casino that doesn’t.
  2. Optimize the Welcome Offer
    This tip starts from ensuring that you select a site offering a significant bonus sum on pokies. Such offers allow you to master unique game features and even stake to win without your real money, thereby improving your knowledge on how to win online pokies before playing with real cash. Welcome bonuses with reasonable wagering requirements may offer real cash to convert and withdraw if you win.
  3. Play Free Pokies for a Start
    Players can know more about developing a pokies how to win technique using the Demo Mode or Free Play Pokies option. Such a player learns more on how to win at pokies and may be strategic with their gameplay choices. The demo mode is beneficial when you want to try out one of the hot games.
  4. Tailor Your Bet Sizes According to Your Streak
    Betting the maximum amount on paylines offers you the chance to gain an enormous payout. However, it’d be best to know to play with reason as you learn how to win online pokies, such that your stakes reflect on your gaming results. Increase your wager size for a potential maximized win if you’re on a favourable hot streak but lower your stakes if you’re losing consecutively to minimize loss and have enough when your winning luck comes around.
  5. Set Your Limits
    Setting limits and sticking to them helps to curtail your gambling losses and avoid ruining your life. Some gamblers get lost in the excitement and can’t stop betting even while losing. Having a limit to stop can prevent this destructive behaviour and help you live within your means.
  6. Play at Sites With Sizeable Pokies Collection
    Gambling at casinos offering a vast title selection increases your winning chances and the fun you enjoy. Higher game counts often prove legitimacy, enabling you to switch between numerous games and providing maximum pleasure. However, maintain the discipline to avoid going above your limits at such casinos.
  7. Gamble With a Clear Head
    Spree drinking while gambling isn’t only harmful to your health; it drains your pockets faster and hampers your winning chances significantly. Having a clear head includes not feeling ill or using prescription medicine, but drinking alcohol is the commonest reason players lose their heads. Play with a clear mind to know when to take the gamble option and exit the game at the right time.

In addition, keep a clear head when learning how to win online pokies. That ensures you remember the tips that you learn!

Choosing a Game: What Are the Factors to Consider?

Players often neglect two vital factors for themes, storyline, and graphics when considering how to win pokies in Australia. These two factors determine the profitability of a casino title; therefore, you must pay attention to both to maximize your casino winnings.


The RTP (return-to-player) percentage is the metric to calculate the possibility of a win on every game round. Typically, slots have the lowest RTP among other casino games, but you may up your chances by playing the titles with the highest percentages. Remember that higher RTPs offer you larger winning sizes. For instance, a 97.4 percent RTP would provide you with $97.4 on every $100 stake, while a 95.5 percent RTP would offer $95.5 on every $100.


RTP is only the mathematical part of the equation that tells you what to win; variance — or dispersion — is the other half that tells you the possibility of winning what you may win. The technical term is volatility. This metric helps to ascertain the number of rounds or length of duration that you may expect your budget to last.

Low-variance pokies with a 96 percent RTP pays out regular small wins; so, a $100 bankroll may earn you an additional $60 after your session, totalling 160 percent RTP. Conversely, a high-volatility title offers higher win amounts and equal losses. Therefore, it’s possible to lose the first 15 spins yet win 1000x of your stake with a single win.

Casinos don’t provide the variance level of their titles (low, medium, or high). As such, you have to play repeatedly to figure out this consideration. Try playing at a casino with a considerable bonus amount for this purpose.

Developing Pokies Winning Strategy

How to know when a pokie machine will pay out or figuring out how to make a pokie machine payout may be impossible. However, you can go close by creating a pokies winning strategy that you may always trust.

The formula creation process starts with a thorough understanding of how to win at pokies in Australia and culminates in realizing that flexibility is the most important thing. A good casino player must be able to combine various techniques and apply the ideal approach to every situation.

Therefore, your pokies how to win strategy development requires mastering all the tips mentioned above. Make maximum use of any welcome offer that you get, maybe to determine dispersion or gain some familiarity. In the same vein, go with the maximum-spending strategy when winning or targeting a jackpot and revert to low-spending technique when losing.

In essence, knowing the right time to implement each pokie move is the best strategy you may develop.

pokies strategy

Strategy On How to Win Pokies Jackpot

As usual, there’s no infallible technique for how to win pokies jackpot, and it depends on luck mostly. However, knowing a specific strategy on how to win pokies jackpots offers you an extra edge over the ordinary player.

Jackpot links with set maximum wins; therefore, the recommendation is to wager the highest stakes on the progressive slots you’ve repeatedly played. It’s also advisable to select titles that align with your personality as the god of luck may shine on your sincerity!

Making Use Of Pokies Bonus Offers: Which Offers Can Help You Win?

Although the optimal use of pokies welcome offers largely depends on your knowledge and skillsets, there are specific bonus offers that improve your winning possibility as you play at the best pokie machine to win in Australia.

  1. No Deposit Bonus
    The no deposit bonus is an offer casinos give to new players even before making their first deposit. Such offers tend to have stringent wagering requirements, making it nearly impossible to withdraw winnings from the proposals. However, you may use this bonus to figure out the volatility of a title, so you know where to bet your real money when it’s time. The appropriate use of this little bonus offer improves your strategy on how to win at pokies.
  2. Scatters
    Scatters are unique symbols in online pokies with special game functions in your sessions. They usually trigger bonus features, although differently in various games. Scatter pays the highest winnings and hitting two scatter symbols may win you a cash prize.
  3. Free Spins
    This casino bonus offers you a go at the wheel of fortune for a specific number of rounds. Typically, there are some conditions of use, but you may yet win other promotional offers with these spins. Try your luck here to get additional bonuses that may help you succeed at online pokies.
  4. Best Pokie Machine to Win In Australia: What Titles Should I Play for Significant Wins?

    Few pokies games stand out of the thousands on offer across Australian-themed casinos. The following three rank among the best pokie machines to win in Australia.

    Big Red Pokies

    Big Red Pokies is a popular high variance game by Aristocrat with a 97.4 percent RTP. The game offers significant winnings and free games to up your loot. Common game bonuses include scatter wins, free spins, and wild wins.

    The graphics depict the core Australian outback, including trees, crocodiles, kangaroos, dingoes, eagles, and bears. The sound is immersive too, and there’s no break once the reels start spinning. There are five reels, each with three symbols that require a minimum bet of 20 credits by the number of reels for your stake.

    50 Lions

    50 Lions is a five-reeled, four symbol rows pokies with fifty adjustable paylines. It’s an Aristocrat title with 94.71 percent and low volatility.

    The game features the African safari theme, free spins, wilds, and scatters — prepare to slay lions, kings of beasts and enjoy the scattering flowers of 50 Lions pokies! Each payline allows $0.01 minimum and $2.5 maximum bets per spin accordingly. You may tweak active paylines to adjust wager requirements.

    88 Fortunes

    This Bally Entertainment production lays claims to be one of, if not, the best pokie machine to win in Australia. The title has four progressive slots and adjustable 243 paylines! RTP is 96 percent, and volatility is high.

    88 Fortunes is Asian-themed, so expect to see and even learn popular Chinese symbols. Available promotions to enjoy are free spins, wilds, and scatters. A great recommendation on how to win pokies jackpot is to stake the maximum bet limit.

    Pokies phenomenon

    Pokies are popular games across Australian-oriented casinos, thanks to their fascinating nature and the enormous payoffs available to players. There’s no perfect pokies how to win strategy for these games, but you may make certain decisions to minimize loss and maximize wins. Follow the strategy we’ve discussed above on how to win pokies in Australia, optimize your bonus offers, and enjoy high-paying pokies machines across your favourite Australian-themed casinos.

    However, try not to forget that no matter how much you learn how to win on pokies in Australia, it’s a game of luck! Do your best to not lose your mind when you lose. After all, no player can figure out how to know when a pokie machine will pay out.

  • How Do Pokies Lines Work?

    Pokies lines are specified combinations that your symbols must form before any winnings. These lines may be straight or diagonally cross the reels and earn you a win if they match preset settings. It may be helpful to check out lines before playing to understand the winning combinations and the amounts attached to each.
  • How Do You Pick a Winning Pokies Machine?

    All pokies machines pay, provided they're legitimate. As such, it's essential to confirm the legitimacy status of a machine first. You may then check out the "Hot" games section and compare RTPs and volatility levels for better results.
  • What Is the Best Way to Win On Pokies?

    The best tip on how to win pokies in Australia is to stake the maximum bet amounts on games while on a winning streak. Staking high gives you an opportunity for life-changing wins.
  • How Do I Increase My Chances Of Winning the Pokies?

    You may increase your chances of winning the pokies by staking on games with high RTPs and low volatility rates. However, such low-variance games may not offer you considerable returns. Please familiarize yourself with games to ascertain their volatility and learn more about how to win on pokies in Australia before you start playing.
  • Can You Cheat a Pokies Machine?

    No, you can't cheat a pokies machine — just as a legitimate pokies machine can't fool you. Games are randomly generated at all times. The closest you may go is to learn how to win online pokies by adopting effective strategies to beat the house.
  • What Are the Odds Of Winning Pokies?

    RTP and variance determine the odds of winning a game. A title with a low volatility rate has low winning odds, while one with a high volatility rate has high winning odds. You can find a medium volatility game to strike a balance between both.