Online Roulette
Oliver Moore | September 18, 2020 | Updated on: May 7th, 2022

Real Money Online Roulette Australia

Not for nothing is Roulette considered the iconic casino entertainment. With a wheel, time to time reaching a head-turning crescendo, a flying up fortunate ball, and a challenging table layout, it is no wonder why roulette is the most sought-after game across the globe.

The irresistible beauty of roulette games lies in a fusion of enticingly simple rules and speed-of-the-light spinning action. Various betting options and lavish payouts amplify that untold winning feeling. Be sure: once you take a seat at a wheeled table, you won’t be able to look away as the ball lands on a foreseen pocket.

Top Australian Casinos to Play Roulette Online in 2022

YOJU Casino
3000 AUD + 100 FS
YOJU Casinocountry
gold casino icon YOJU Casino
9.42/ 10
Up to 3000 AUD + 100 FS
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Bitcoin casino
Massive gaming selection
Top licensed providers
Fast payments, also via crypto
Good support
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1020 AUD + 350 FS
silver casino icon StayCasino
9.19/ 10
1020 AUD + 350 FS
Welcome Bonus
A lot of Games
3,000+ games in the collection
Tournaments, lotteries and other events
Rich bonus program
Mobile-friendly casino
Expert Review
Slotozen Casino
1050 AUD + 327 FS
Slotozen Casinocountry
bronze casino icon Slotozen Casino
9.17/ 10
1050 AUD + 327 Free Spins
Welcome Bonus
Bitcoin casino
Handsome welcome package
Thousands of pokies
Growing live casino
Support for crypto payments
Expert Review
Rouge Casino
5000 AUD
Rouge Casinocountry
Rouge Casino
9.15/ 10
5000 AUD
Welcome Bonus
Bitcoin casino
Over 20 game providers
Gigantic welcome bonus
Huge pool of live dealers
Increased weekly withdrawal limit
Expert Review
Bitkingz Casino
900 AUD + 200 FS
Bitkingz Casinocountry
Bitkingz Casino
9.12/ 10
900 AUD + 200 Free Spins
Welcome Bonus
A lot of Games
Powered by industry leading providers
Generous bonuses for new and
A variety of unique titles
Accepts a variety of payment
Expert Review
Bizzo Casino
1000 AUD + 150 FS
Bizzo Casinocountry
Bizzo Casino
9.12/ 10
Up to 1000 AUD + 150 FS
Welcome Bonus
Bitcoin casino
Live chat is open 24/7
Mobile friendly games
Several payment options
Home to lots of providers
Expert Review
Rolling Slots
800 AUD + 100 FS
Rolling Slotscountry
Rolling Slots
9.11/ 10
200% up to 800 AUD + 100 FS
Welcome Bonus
A lot of Games
User-friendly rock-star interface
Great welcome bonus / weekly
Exclusive tiered VIP program
Huge collection of pokies /games
Expert Review
Cobra Casino
1577 AUD + 300 FS
Cobra Casinocountry
Cobra Casino
9.1/ 10
Up to 1577 AUD + 300 FS
Welcome Bonus
Bitcoin casino
Multiple cryptocurrencies supported
Huge range of payment options
Desktop client app
Mobile-friendly site design
Expert Review
OXI Casino
4000 AUD + 550 FS
OXI Casinocountry
OXI Casino
9.1/ 10
4000 AUD + 550 Free Spins
Welcome Bonus
Bitcoin casino
3,000+ slots and other games
Extensive bonus program
Fast and straightforward registration
Compatible with any device
Expert Review
Bambet Casino
1650 AUD + 250 FS
Bambet Casinocountry
Bambet Casino
9.1/ 10
1650 AUD + 250 FS
Welcome Bonus
A lot of Games
Generous welcome bonus package
Ten-tiered VIP rewards
Over 6,000 gaming titles
Decent sportsbook with bonuses
Expert Review

Online Roulette Types And Their Features

Did you know that there are at least three worldwide recognized roulette games? As far as roulette has been the number one no card game for centuries, it has got several advancements that will appeal to even the most demanding professionals. To further enhance online revels, especially pleasurable outcome anticipation, soft roulette studios included the best of wheel variations to premium gaming creations.

Thus, no matter what mood you are in and what playing style you prefer, online roulette has something fantastic right for everyone. Allow yourself to explore every nuance of the roulette realm and find which version will be your favourite.

American Online Roulette

Meet the most unpredictable roulette – American! Why is it called so? This wheel has the largest number of pockets – 38. Once you see a circle with two green zeros (0 and extra 00) – you have come across an American table. All the usual bets are here, but the American game also offers an exclusive inside Basket bet, covering 5 numbers (0, 00, 1, 2, 3) and boasts 6:1 payouts plus 13.2% winning probability.

Nonetheless, this online roulette features slightly lower odds than European (maximum 47.37% on even money) and holds a high enough house edge – 5.26%. At the same time, the greatest reward is only 35:1 on Straights.

European Online Roulette

European roulette is the true classics of all roulette games. In short, it has a red and black wheel with 37 units, including a single green zero. The higher number? 36. This game is famous for the incredible odds, which will win your heart (for instance, 48.65% on Red/Black, Odd/Even, and High/Low).

Additionally, the EU layout allows luck with one more type of bets – Called; they gather different numbers on a wheel – primarily according to positions. European online roulette is a perfect choice for beginners: in case of success, you will get almost an entire sum of wins – with a 2.7% casino advantage, there is no need to be afraid of commissions.

French Online Roulette

You will never grasp the difference between French and European roulettes until the game starts. Any French table resembles a European one: familiar 37 pockets, 15 major and some minor Called bets. What about winning mathematics? Odds and payouts are all the same!

So, what makes a game… French? There is no way to lose: according to two essential french rules (La Partage and En Prison), you purely get a second chance. When an even bet loses, La Partage returns half of a stake. If choosing an even bet, you get 0 points. You will get a free spin as well. The last reason to use evens: sometimes they impress with a 1.35% edge.

Online roulette for Australian players

Australian Online Roulette – Strategies How to Play

Do you wish to win every time you stake? Although no one can influence ball results, you can improve your winning prospects by using one of the strategies listed below. Each of them is a surefire way to make the most out of a ciphered circle.

Martingale strategy

The most simple roulette strategy ever: having a roulette session, you risk the same amount of coins after your win shows up and double the stake after you lose. If you get x4 casino gems, get back to an original x1 wager and prepare for the following rides.

That manner will help to chase losses and to stay in a game as long as you want. As an untold rule, it is better to choose an even bet and not change your preferences till the very end.

Agent 007 Strategy

The Ian Flaming roulette method’s main idea is to cover maximum numbers on a wheel with just 200 dollars. What’s interesting, there are only 3 bets involved: 140$ on High (19-36 – a half of a wheel), 50$ on 13-18 numbers, and 10$ on 0.

As you can calculate, if a ball stops anywhere but 1-12, you will get brilliant prizes: 19-36 mean 80 AUD, 13-18 bring 100 AUD and 0 delivers up to 160 AUD.

Tips Of Making Best Online Roulette Gaming Experience

No matter how experienced you are, you can always get yourself on the road to roulette success. Take a look at professional tips and make odds be in your favour!

  • Though the game may start, ask for detailed info about the whole range of possible wagers. Every roulette variation has its own set of bets. Therefore, knowledge of your opportunities is a must.
  • Avoid American wheels and focus on European and French roulettes instead. Because the last ones don’t have American 00, they have 1% higher probability for all wagers. Looks scanty? 1% may become the borderline between your hope and desirable riches.
  • Place two or three bets simultaneously per round. Online roulette invites fans to bet not only on particular ciphers but on groups of numbers too. The number of your wagers is limited strictly by the number of chips you possess.
  • Refine your roulette style. If the luck of a ball is your game – dare to stake on Straights Up, Splits and Streets. Are you looking for cast iron guaranteed bankrolls? Then even bets are your ultimate entrance to casino treasures.
  • Trust your gambling instincts. Take risks at online roulette only in high spirits and sit at a table with a smile on your face.
  • Search for top-notch roulette software from world-class providers: the stunning game aesthetic is there.
  • Try to get over your losses. If you don’t keep this idea in your mind, you will give back everything that was previously won.
  • Don’t wager more than you can afford. Choose games with stakes you are comfortable with. Set your betting limit. Otherwise, your wallet will be empty in a few minutes.
  • Aren’t you confident in your skills? Level up with free online roulette practice! Switch to a fun mode and embark on an endless roulette journey.

Likewise, this popular game has also gained quite the following online – and no longer is it solely played for cash anymore! New and old players alike will find solace because there is a safe and fun alternative to be played wherever they go.

3 Tips to Get Started with Free Roulette

While there are hundreds if not thousands of online casino sites and apps that are easily accessible for any Aussie, each one varies in both quality and reputation. When looking for a good site or app, one must take into consideration numerous factors that set each website and app apart.

Pick a Version of Roulette

Similar to other games available in casinos, Roulette has various playstyles. While certain apps and sites may allow players to switch between games, a select few may only offer a small handful of play types.

If you are looking to eventually play for cash, deciding which playstyle is available in casinos nearby can help you learn the basics. After determining which playstyle works for you (i.e. European, American, French, Mini, etc.), you can narrow down the search to find which version is suitable for you.

Get Recommendations For Free Roulette From A Friend

While it may be easy to find quick recommendations online, it can be pretty hard dictating what’s a reputable site or not. By receiving recommendations from some trusted friends and family, it can be safe to assume that their biases aren’t skewed if they work for the same company and/or are sponsored by them.

Additionally, many sites and apps will offer welcome bonuses for you and your friends by referral and invitation codes (more on this later).

Recognize Scams vs in-App Purchases

As unfortunate as it is, getting scammed or taken advantage of when searching for a free Roulette game isn’t uncommon. Especially when players aren’t aware of what the red flags and indicators may look like.

Firstly, avoid sites or apps that have users input their credit card information on a particular website. Even if the site includes in-game currency, which one can buy through in-app purchases, typically, these will be purchased through the app store and will not require your bank info.

Advantages of Playing Free

With free Roulette, the end game isn’t in winning – so what is it? Depending on the person, there’s plenty of advantages to trying Roulette simulator games. First and foremost, it can simply be a lot of fun and an excellent way to pass the time without the added risk that gambling often offers. Whether players are looking into getting started or their very experienced and need a break, playing online can be just as if not more fun than in a land-based casino.

Also, new players can become solemn about the fact that there is a risk-free way to get started and practice playing. With many varieties available in Casinos today, it can be tricky remembering all the unique rules and tricks. Now, if you’re a more experienced player, trying out the simulator games available online can be just as beneficial. Even if you’re already familiar with the game, it can be used as an opportunity in learning different play-styles and strategies.

How To Get Bonuses

While some Roulette simulators may be simply that – simulations, most of them offer a form of in-game currency or energy system. Typically, these will be replenished daily with options to purchase more if need be. For example, players may be limited in playing a few times per day before refreshing every couple of hours. Luckily, most sites will offer copious amounts of bonuses users can redeem so that they can replenish these consumables faster.

Starting, your first chance at getting a few freebies is signing up or handing out a referral code/invitation. Anyone that has already signed up can send other players codes, which, when used, can give extra spins, wages, varying amounts of in-game currency, etc. Apart from when users first sign up, free Roulette apps may suggest you watch videos and play games in exchange for various gifts and bonuses – so make sure you check your inbox often, so you don’t miss out on these offers!

How to Play Roulette?

Roulette is considered to be the queen of the table games. This actively demonstrates that online and offline roulette is an advantageous game with big payouts and low-mid volatility. The house edge is also lower, which means that Aussie players can make a nice profit out of it.

American and European Roulette are the main variants found in any online casino. The difference between the consist in the number of 0’s – the European version got one, and the American version got 2. Apart from them, there are many variants of this casino game to make up their choice quickly.

But how can you play roulette?

  1. Sign up– complete the registration form, go to the banking options, make a deposit, and pick up a game. For those who play for the first time, the game’s demo version may be in handy. Don’t forget that you can’t play for free in the live section!
  2. Pick up a bonus – choosing a bonus made for the live table games is helpful. The casino is rewarding the players with more money if they make at least a minimum deposit (this condition may differ, and it can be found in the T&C).
  3. Pick up a game – choose from the casino portfolio games like Auto Lightning Roulette, European/ French/ American Roulette, etc. Pick up the value of the chips to bet and make the odds selection.
  4. Decide on what you want to put the stake – in any roulette game. There are two types of bets – outside bets and inside bets. Each of them can multiply your stake by 2x, 8x, 11x or 35x (if you guess the winning number from 0-35). With some bets, you can play it safe. With others, you may risk. In the following paragraph, you can find more about them in the following paragraphs.
  5. Wait for the result – after placing the bet, all you have to do is to wait for the final result. The outcome can be positive, and you win big! You can also build up some strategies to increase the potential win.

Inside Bets

Inside Bets

There is a total of 8 inside bets you can place your stake at. All of these bets can be found in the game table’s interior, where the numbers begin from 0/00 to 35. The inside bets are:

  1. Basket– when you look at the roulette table and want to place the bet on the first 4 numbers starting with 0 and ending with 4 it’s called a basket. If you win, the stake is multiplied by 5x
  2. Snake Bet – it’s uncommon but used by many players. It’s what we call a safe bet that can be applied on the number 1,5,9,12,14,16,19,23,27,30,32,34. If you place a bet of 10 dollars and win, you take back 20 dollars – the stake is doubled
  3. Line – this is also known as the row bet and it can be placed anywhere where a row of 3 numbers are covered. You can place the stake on more rows. If the player wins, the stake gets multiplied by 5x
  4. Corner – put the chip in the middle of a 4 numbers groups like 2,3,5,6. If you win, your stake is multiplied by 8x
  5. Five-number – the stake is placed only on 0, 00, 1, 2,3, and if it’s winning, your bet is multiplied by 6x
  6. Straight Up – is the bet that will pay you 35:1. Just pick up any number from the roulette table, place the bet and wait for the result!
  7. Street – place the bet on a row of 3 numbers
  8. Split – it pays 17:1. Just put the chip on the line that separate the numbers (like 13/16)

Outside Bets

There are 5 possible outside bets to place your stake on. Find them below!

  1. Odds/Even– place the bet on an odd number/even number and multiply your stake by 2x
  2. High/Low – the bets start with the low numbers from 1 to 18 or high numbers from 19:36. The payout is 2:1
  3. Columns – put the bet on the 3 columns of 12 number each. The payout is 2:1
  4. Colour (Red or Black) – pick the colour, place the chip and win an x2 multiplier
  5. Dozens – pay 2:1 and are made of 12 numbers place in order

Mobile Casino: Pros & Features

Playing on the go your favourite games is now a dream come true! Back in the day, many believed that this was not possible. The technological evolution managed to make its mark, offering on a large-scale the best casino games.

This is also the contribution of the game providers who develop games using different programming languages like HTML. Besides slots, the roulette game is also valid. It can be tried in the classic version but also the live version, together with real dealers.

  • Play without being obliged to having a laptop or a PC near you
  • You can use your tablet as well while gambling
  • You can take special offers developed for the mobile casino
  • Download the apps to reach your games in minutes
  • Play without interruptions, and make safe deposits
  • Join other players on the live casino tables or try your luck on live roulette
  • Access hundreds of games, sit on exclusive roulette tables, conquer with other players with a tap
  • The websites and the app of the casino is optimized for both iOS and Android operating systems
  • All data are encrypted and secured. Playing from your phone is just as safe as playing from your PC/laptop
  • Are online roulette games fair?

    Undoubtedly, yes. The fair play of online roulette wheels is based on certified random number generators. They are algorithms that ensure 100% unpredictable results and don't let a house take more advantage than it was proclaimed. However, RNGs don't make any privileges for gamers either.
  • Is online roulette officially legal in Australia?

    Yes, the Interactive Gambling Act states that online roulette is crystal-clear legal casino entertainment in Australia 2020. All you need to do to play safe is to check a gaming website on overseas official licenses and virtual availability from the Australian continent.
  • Can you cheat at online roulette?

    Whether you like it or not, roulette is a game of rough guess. Hence, there's no way to cheat at an online roulette table. Innovative RNG solutions, constantly audited for compliance won't allow anything to spoil your suspense. Those striving to discover the inner roulette order will be disenchanted: here, randomness is of the essence.
  • What numbers come out the most in roulette?

    The assumption that certain numbers occur much more frequently than others is nothing more than a myth. Within RNG games a ball follows every Lady Luck caprices: nothing can determine the next outcome. Diving into any online roulette, you should accept this pure chance challenge and receive presents that Fortune holds for you personally.
  • Can I play roulette online for real money?

    Yes, you can indulge in roulette frolics with real money involved. In order to get real world prizes, you should put down a deposit on your account (via any suitable banking system), pick a roulette game and stake real coins. Hit a "spin" button and watch as a wheel turns into a whirl, and a ball gets a rest on a rewarding unit. Then grab sound treasures and cash them in.
  • How Do Free Roulette Games Work?

    Unlike playing in physical casinos or with live dealers, there won’t be an actual person spinning a wheel and dropping in a ball. Instead, each game software will use a random number generator in determining where the ball will land.
  • What Prizes Can I Win?

    Some Roulette simulators will want their game feeling as realistic as possible with the chance to win a ‘pool’, which goes towards one’s in-game currency, so they can continue their game. Sometimes based on the app you will receive other various prizes such as extra spins or a 50% off coupon from their store.
  • Do I Need to Install Anything?

    If you’re logging in via a website on a browser then there should be no reason for installing anything. However, if you’re using a mobile device or tablet then you’ll need to download an app off of the play store.
  • Are These Games Different In Casinos?

    Whether players are trying out games for free or their gambling online, the gameplay will always be the same. Of course, there are different variants of Roulette available, but both free and paid games will play the same and share odds of winning.