Oliver Moore | September 23, 2020 | Updated on: December 16th, 2022
93.07/ 100
Slot Type
Progressive Jackpot Video Slots
Slot Reels
Slot Paylines
Free Spins, Jackpot Wheel, Multiplier, Scatters, Wild Symbol.
Min. Bet
Max. Bet
Slot Themes
Jungle, Animals
Slot RTP

Mega Moolah: distinctive features that make your game

When you are looking for great fun experience in the casino entertainment, you should definitely pay your attention to such type of entertainment as slots. And not just all slots, but the slot, the incredible famous Mega Moolah progressive miracle.

This game has already become a legend. Being on the marker for almost ten years, it has won so many hearts of different gamers all over the globe that can be surely named the king of the casino slot industry. Its huge jackpots are what any player could only dream of. For the time of its existence, it produced to the world a few dozen new millionaires. So indeed, you definitely need to try the slot that provides you with a chance to become a millionaire. So what exactly is it that makes this offer so special?


Almost ten years ago, on November 29, 2006, the world of the casino entertainment faced one of the most significant events in the industry and changed irrevocably. The gaming giant Microgaming presented this famous game – Mega Moolah – the progressive slot with four huge jackpots. It is not a large complex game at the first sight, here you can see only five reels in three rows that produce twenty-five paylines. The set of in-game features is quite standard, however, the features themselves are very good and favorable to the gamers. Microgaming is the name that is always associated only with the best quality offers and promotions. So even now, nine years later, this game still hits the top of most rankings.

Even looking through the key characteristics, the gamer will become interested in the game. Even at the first sight, the game offers quite a good RTP, the fascinating theme, the comfortable range of betting, and of course, the opportunity to win the biggest jackpot that can change your life.

Design and Gameplay

This slot is located at the front page of so many online casino websites that it is very easy to find it and start playing. Since it is progressive, it has only a real-money version, so you will need to go through the registration in any casino. After you created your account and made a deposit, you can proceed with the game:

  1. find the picture and the title of Mega Moolah in the casino catalogue and click it to open the needed page;
  2. when the page has downloaded, you should click the “select lines” button to pick the quantity of lines you wish to engage in the circle and make a bet on; pick from 1 to 25;
  3. then you should click the “select coins” button so that you could establish the quantity of coins in one bet per line; pick from 1 to 5
  4. then you should select the size of one coins – you can do that if you click on arrows with – and + on them; the number above the arrows will show you what you choose; pick from 0.01 to 0.05;
  5. if you are a risky gamer, you can avoid those separate settings and go with the “bet max” button – it will automatically set the highest indicators;
  6. after all is done, you should proceed with a spin – click the biggest red round button on the screen.

The graphics understandably concedes before newer slots created with more modern technologies. However, it still makes the game bright, colorful, and interesting to watch. It gives cool animation when the winning combo appears on the paylines, for instance: a lion growls, a monkey counts coins, an antelope waves its ears. Beside the traditional images of card titles that are simple and colorful, other thematic images are:

  • lion;
  • zebra;
  • elephant;
  • monkey;
  • antelope;
  • buffalo;
  • giraffe.

All images are cartoonish and look very cute. Each symbol has its own value and brings a certain profit to the gamers.

Bonuses & Promotions

Once you have activated the payline before you proceed with the rotation, every combo that appears on it pays. Card images usually pay less than all others, but even they are good to collect. Of course, it is better to collect animals in this game. If you collect a Lion, it acts as a Wild and can form a winning combo as the needed image. If you receive a Scatter, it is also great since offers many opportunities in this game:

  1. firstly, this slot machine provides you with 15 spins for free, if you \manage to collect the quantity of scatters starting from three;
  2. while the received spins are going on, all your winnings become three times bigger;
  3. if more scatter combos are collected while the received spins are in action, they add more spins;
  4. also, an incredible feature is the Jackpot Wheel; it resembles a bit a famous wheel of fortune and acts in the similar way as the mini game where you need to spin it; the mini game is activated randomly and appear after the special notification;
  5. there are four sectors on the wheel; each sector corresponds with one of four possible jackpots: the Mega begins at million credits, the Major begins at ten thousand ones; the Minor begins at hundred ones, and the Mini begins at ten ones; all these jackpots are progressive meaning that they can become much bigger.

The history shows us that there were a lot of lucky winners, who received their millions on this slot. Of course, it is hard and chances are not so big, but those chances exist and already proved themselves in many cases. So now it is your turn to try.

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