Virtual Gaming Worlds Founder Splashes Big on $7.5 Million Australian Home
Oliver Moore / 25 January 2021

Virtual Gaming Worlds Founder Splashes Big on $7.5 Million Australian Home

The founder of online casino Virtual Gaming Worlds, Laurence Escalante, just got himself a $7.5 Million apartment in South Perth Esplanade. The 38-year-old millionaire decided to move from his bungalow to the 4-bedroom home last December. Initially, the buyer’s identity had been sketchy, but recent news reports reveal it to be the business tycoon.

Laurence looked to start the new year on a high much like his business and opted to upgrade from his modest bungalow in Como, Sydney to the new luxurious 4-bedroom apartment. He purchased the former in 2016 for $870,000 and lived there with his wife and four kids. Four years later, the family is looking forward to a new luxury home in one of Australia’s most beautiful real estate areas, South Perth Esplanade.

The new apartment is part of a set of four in a 4-storey complex and features a balcony where you can get a captivating view of Perth’s Swan River and the city’s skyline. It also houses three bathrooms, four different toilets, and built-in wardrobes for each bedroom. There’s a BBQ area, gym, pool, and shared roof deck for all the complex’s occupants. Each apartment also has three dedicated parking spots.

About His Business

Virtual Gaming World is worth almost a billion dollars, coming in with a $919 million net value. The gambling company made more than $72 million last year, much of its success stems from the fact that it’s the only legal online casino in the United States of America. Yes, that’s right, all 50 states.

The US laws prohibit online gambling except in a few states such as Delaware, Nevada, West Virginia, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Outside these places, only Virtual Gaming Worlds has the license to operate. It achieved this feat in 2010 after Laurence Escalante worked with gaming lawyers and US sweepstakes to create the enterprise.

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