The Most Played Online Gambling Games in Australia in 2020
Oliver Moore / 26 January 2021

What Were What Were the Most Played Online Gambling Games in Australia in 2020?

2020 was a challenging year for all industries, and the gambling industry was no exception to the hit. Despite the blow, the online casino market thrived with many people taking to the internet to play their favourite games and make money. What were these titles in the AU?

Developers create new games featuring new designs and themes each year, but classic slot casino games still won the popularity contest. It seems the winning formula was having six lines and five reels.

Many people played games such as Book of Ra, Pharaohs Gold, Stardust, and more. Modern titles which feature 3D elements and large numbers of pay lines had to settle for second place in AU last year. Game emulators of roulette and cards came in third among the most played of the year.

Top Slot Titles

Online gamblers preferred games that offered multiple small bonuses over those with high payouts. They settled for slot games without a progressive jackpot last year. Here are some of the top titles.

  • Starburst
  • Gems of Adoria
  • Vampire Senpai
  • Book of Ra
  • Back to Venus
  • Pharaohs Gold

Although these games share similar mechanics, they offer players variations in certain aspects such as gameplay, RTP, theme, and bonuses.


These games feature original and stunning visuals unique to a title. There are also excellent sound effects that help to improve the gameplay experience.

Theme and Plot

A game is only as good as its plot. Developers understand this concept and create entertaining storylines and themes that keep the gameplay from being too repetitive. Players unlock a new path or character as they progress in the game.


There are different RTPs (Returns to Player Percentage) on online slot games. These figures help give you an idea of a title’s expected win rate and usually ranges between 96 and 98%. The RTP for an online slot game is generally on TS Info, paytable section, or a website’s description page.


There’s an extensive range of bonuses available on slot games. These titles don’t offer a cumulative jackpot, but options such as risk rounds, free spins, Respin, and more.

You can bring the casino to you thanks to online gambling platforms. There are thousands of games available, so you’ll always find one that appeals to you.

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