Technology Updates in the Casino Industry
Oliver Moore / 5 February 2021

Technology Updates in the Casino Industry

To make the gaming experience more convenient and user friendly, many gaming brands have developed technology that continues to blur the lines between reality and fantasy. The latter is fast becoming the former as games become more impressive and innovative.

Many casino brands are towing this road as they compete to unleash new tech to match this feat. Here are some of the latest updates in the gambling industry.

Chatbots on Websites

Players don’t have to wait for long periods for a customer service representative’s reply on the simplest of problems and questions. Such scenarios are now events of the past, thanks to the inclusion of Chatbots on gambling websites. This software is a messaging program that provides users with the information they need using advanced AI technology.

Many Australian casino companies such as Betsson Group now trot Chatbots on their website that enhances the customer’s experience. Some of this software is self-learning, an ability that improves their capacity for communication.

Improved AI

Top operators in the Casino industry are now improving their AI systems to bolster their security. These advanced programs provide much-needed cybersecurity, protecting players’ identity, account information, transactions, and financial details from hackers.

Casinos now use AI-powered technology to verify players’ self-videos, identity documents, and more. It can also analyze abnormal behaviours, IP addresses, and location information to determine if an account is a threat.

Incorporation of E-Wallets

Digital wallets are trending, and the casino industries have this knowledge, as more companies are incorporating these platforms as payment methods. Players can deposit or withdraw their money using their e-wallets easily.

E-Wallets are arguably some of the most secure transaction platforms. Many top casinos in Australia now allow gamblers to make payments using PayPal, Neteller, Bitcoin, or Skrill.

Players should expect to see more casinos offering the following digital wallet options this year.

  • Cryptocurrency E-Wallets
  • AI-Powered Wallets
  • Biometric Wallets
  • NFC-Based Wallets

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