Proposed Amendments For Legislation to Bring the First Casino to Hawaii
Oliver Moore / 23 February 2021

Proposed Amendments For Legislation to Bring the First Casino to Hawaii

Hawaii, a Western American State, has issued a new amendment for the approval of the legislature. Regulators made the amendment to allow Oahu city of Kapolei to build and run its tribal casino resort.

The Hawaii Tribune-Herald newspaper disclosed the news. The state senator for Hawaii, Donovan Dela Cruz, gave his suggestion stating that the bill passed to the senate should also attach the changes made six weeks after the drafts’ approval by the Hawaiian Homes Commission. The permission would allow the community located in southern Honolulu county to host the small state inaugural casino.

The amendments made by Dela Cruz’ included the provision for Native American groups who wanted to operate casino resorts to be endorsed by David Ige, the state’s democratic governor. The newspaper informed the public that three representatives suggested a final approval before senators could bring the project to the remaining members of the Hawaiian homes commission to obtain a final verdict by two-third of the house.

Records reveal that Hawaii falls among the American states that don’t allow commercial gambling. The entire house would consider the Dela Cruz amendments in the next meeting of the Hawaii state senate’s Committee. Maile Shimabukuro, a Hawaii state senator, said that the bill would allow Hawaiian Homes Commission to conduct beneficiary consultations, enter development agreements and ensure diligence for casino-related issues.

Analysts see the amendment as a promising avenue for improving the casino industry and fostering creative and essential policies.

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