Things to Know Before You Play Online Roulette Wheel for Fun
Oliver Moore / 28 December 2021
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Roulette wheel basics & common myths & FAQs about online roulette wheel for fun

Playing a free game of online Roulette where you don’t have a care in the world is always a fun way to pass the time, especially during a pandemic. However, a free game of roulette wheel to play for fun does not compare to Roulette winning with huge payouts.

When it comes to gambling, whether it is a simulator roulette wheel to play for fun or playing real-life roulette numbers at a table with a real spinning wheel and large payouts, there is always someone who claims to have found a foolproof way to beat the system.

While there are ways to cheat the wheel in real-life Roulette, online Roulette is almost impossible to cheat with due to operating on a random number generator algorithm.

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What is a roulette wheel

Before you begin to play on a simulator online roulette wheel for fun, you should first understand the different components of an actual roulette wheel that you can find on a casino roulette table.

The way the roulette wheel works is a dealer spins the roulette wheel clockwise at the start of every turn. They then roll a white ball next to the spinning wheel in the opposite direction. As the ball loses momentum, it rolls onto the roulette wheel and eventually stops on a number pocket. Players who play the roulette wheel game for fun tend to place their bets on a number on the table blindly.

Components of online roulette wheel for fun

While playing the online roulette wheel for fun, you will notice that the spinning wheel online looks identical to the spinning wheel on the casino table. Therefore, let’s go through the different components of a roulette wheel:

  • Diamonds: These are metal pieces along the ball track to disrupt the flow of the white ball.
  • Ball Track: The path along the outer part of the roulette wheel along which the ball is spun.
  • Frets: The piece that separates two pockets on the roulette wheel.
  • Rotor: This is the part inside the roulette wheel that makes it spin. While the rotor weight can cause a significant impact on a physical roulette wheel, Roulette winning probability isn’t affected when playing an online roulette wheel for fun.
  • Base: The wooden part of the roulette wheel, which tends to be most parts outside the rotating cylinder.
  • Shaft: The shaft supports the rotor of the roulette wheel.
  • Pockets: This is where the white ball lands to indicate what the winning number is.

When you play a free roulette wheel game for fun or to win money, you will notice that while the online roulette simulator looks like the real thing, it doesn’t work the same way. No mechanical spinning wheel parts can affect the outcome. Therefore, your payouts from games of roulette wheel to play for fun are less predictable.

The issue of randomness in a roulette wheel

While Roulette winning on tables in casinos have been glamorized with huge payouts, there are several myths that people spread about playing real life or an online roulette wheel for fun.

First myth

Many believe that there is only one version of the game. There are several variations to Roulette – American, European, French, Multi-Wheel, and Multiplayer.

Second myth

The Martingale System is believed to be a foolproof strategy. However, there is no such thing in the world of gambling, especially in Roulette.

Third myth

Many gamblers believe that what happens in their previous rounds will affect their ‘luck’ in the next round, which is obviously not true. However, so many people believe that it has its own name – The Gambler’s Fallacy.

Fourth myth

Hedging is a form of mitigating your risk when gambling. Some gamblers believe that by betting across the board in Roulette, they increase their chances of winning. You can’t hedge the board because each number has the same odds of getting picked.

how to rig roulette wheel

How to rig a roulette wheel

If you choose to join a simulator roulette wheel game for fun, it is impossible to rig the wheel because it is completely online that runs on a random number generator algorithm that humans cannot predict.

To rig a roulette wheel, first, you will need to pick physical casinos to go and play. Now, casinos may have systems to ensure the house has a clear advantage over any punters on a roulette table.

There are two ways that will give you the best chance of winning, although it does not involve directly rigging the roulette wheel.

  1. The first way is to try and find a pattern of where the ball is released onto the ball track and where it falls. If there is a general pattern to those two points, you might be able to increase your winning chances.
  2. The second way is to become outright friends with a roulette casino dealer with whom you can work together to pinpoint more accurately how hard the dealer has to spin the ball on the ball track to predict where the ball ends up consistently.

These two ways are unorthodox and almost as unlikely as just guessing a number, but you never know.


The game of Roulette is so popular that it is one of the main games used in Hollywood movies to depict casinos and gambling. While many have tried to understand the game and get it down to a science to create a winning strategy, no one has been able to do it just yet successfully.

It is also important to know that Roulette has multiple versions with its own set of rules. Therefore, it would be wise to know and understand those rules before joining any roulette table.

If you are looking for some good practice, online simulator roulette wheels are available where punters practice different strategies before playing for real money.

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