Jackpot Slot Machine
Oliver Moore / 28 January 2021

How to Hit the Jackpot on Any Slot Machine

Australian slots have easily become one of the most well-known and famous form of gambling across the country, with pokie machines popping up left right and centre across casinos and pubs alike. While the game may attract patrons both online and offline, what exactly are your chances of winning?

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Unlike many other forms of gambling such as poker, pokies often come across as being a game that relies solely on luck. However, after looking up a few tricks and strategies – you won’t have to keep your rabbit’s foot handy to hit that slot machine jackpot.

Different Types of Slot Machine Jackpots

Depending on the kind of game you’re looking to play, there will be various kinds of jackpots that you can win. So what exactly should you be keeping an eye out for? Starting with the basics, most jackpots can be categorized into being either Progressive or Non-Progressive . Further along the line, these can be further broken down into subcategories and genres, all of which can help you determine your approach to the game along with your play style.

While it may appear simple at first, most expert pokie players will use this to determine their game choice, risk perversion, bankroll and betting amount. So what does it mean when a jackpot is Progressive or Non-Progressive?


When a jackpot is progressive this tends to mean that instead of immediately earning your winnings, they are carried out into a ‘pool’. Depending on the game, your payout may increase each ‘round’ and the target jackpot for the next play re-adjusts, it is only when you reach a certain score or reach a final ‘level’ that you will win the actual slot machine jackpot.

Standalone Progressive

These types of Progressive games are typically localized to a single machine, also known as a bank. As opposed to network games, the jackpot will be relatively easier to win but with a smaller money pool to claim. This essentially means that while the money you win is being added to a ‘pool’, it is not a pool shared among other players and machines.

In-House Progressive

Like all progressive games, certain winnings will be gathered into a pool – also known as the final winnings. However, as opposed to the pool collecting earnings from a single machine, the pool is connected to similar machines across the entire casino or ‘house’.

Wide-Area Progressive

Out of the other subgenres – these are often the hardest to win but have the biggest jackpots. If you’re looking to test your luck, this is certainly it! Wide-area progressives have a pool collecting earnings from not only the country – but typically the entire continent as well.

Non-Progressive Slot Machine Jackpot

Instead of playing multiple rounds or needing to make multiple bets at a time, the final jackpot will not be based on how many Aussies have played or lost. The cash prize will always remain the same and will be immediately paid out preceding a win. The non-progressive jackpots are often the most common, most popular, and easiest to win but with a smaller payout.

How to Hit That Jackpot

After understanding the different sorts of jackpots your local slots machines will have to offer, it’s best to get started on developing your play style to help you win big. While this may change depending on the specific game your playing, whether you’re playing online or offline, if there are unique rules, etc. However, most expert gamblers will tell you that it may not be the wisest to hand over your fate to lady luck just yet.

Practice Practice Practice

If you’re still a novice to the game but still want to have the same advantage to hitting the slot machine jackpot, your best bet would be to familiarize yourself with how the game works. While this works better online as opposed to in-person, the best way to get a little practice in is to download a few simulation games on your phone. While there are a few that can have you win real money, you’re simply looking for the most basic of the bunch to try and get a few spins in and test the waters.


While it may be enticing to bet as much as you can in an attempt to get a bigger payout, it would be your best bet to simply start small! With smaller jackpot games being more likely to win, it’s certainly an excellent way to get your confidence up! Even if you’re not winning a million dollars, it’s still a lot better than nothing!

Check Out the Rules

Regardless of if you’ve already played slots a thousand times – it will always be in your best decision to re-read the rules. Especially if you’re jumping between different stylized versions, the various games can have slightly different rules than what you’re used to. Often times, games will advertise available jackpots to win or a bonus round, but they will require you to bet a certain amount before you can hit the slot machine jackpot.

Slots to Play With Jackpots

The 5 Best Slots to Play With Jackpots

Now that you know the jackpots available to you and some quick tips, it’s time to get started! With roughly 200k pokie machines spread across the country, it can be a little confusing and overwhelming at first. So to get you started in the right direction, here are some of the most popular slot games you can find!

  • 100 Pandas
  • 5 Dragons
  • Cleopatra
  • Blazing Bull
  • The Ruby
Online Casino FAQ
  • Does This Apply to Online Pokie Machines or In-Person Casinos?

    Both! Thankfully, you can access slot machines basically wherever you go. Whether you’re ready to hop down to the local casino or you just want to stay cozy at home, these tips and tutorials will help you along the way!
  • Can I Play Pokies for Free?

    While there are multitudes of different simulation styled slot games available both for mobile devices and online, you aren’t able to win anything from them. The game you download may use a form of in-game currency but they cannot be exchanged for real cash. Unfortunately, if you want to win the slot machine jackpot, you have to spend cash.
  • Am I More Likely to Win Online?

    You will have the same luck online as you do offline as both types of machines use a random generator system to produce the results.
  • How Do You Win a Game of Pokies?

    All pokie games will be completely random and the odds of winning cannot be manipulated by yourself or others. In order to win, you will need to line up similar symbols or icons on the paylines. You can study which icons need to match up by looking up the paytables and the rules.