How to Play Craps
Oliver Moore / 9 December 2020

How to play craps: everything you ever wanted to know about enigmatic dice actions

Nothing compares with the suspense of craps when dice fly up to flashy ceilings, roll in whirls of coincidence, and land on a table creating life-changing combinations. Once you walk in the realm of online craps Australia, you won’t be able to take your eyes off craps areas: watched by loads of live-streamed enthusiasts joining non-stop dice actions on a whim, a shooter throws cubes, announces an outcome, and immerses into virtual happiness and genuine camaraderie. If you have ever wanted to experience flows of continuous thrills, right now is a good chance to learn how to play craps and gear up for savage casino craps nights.

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Basic rules of craps

Craps are both intimidating and simple. The more intricate dice gameplay seems to be, the more gripping and easier it gets after familiarizing with craps rules principles.

  • The main object is to predict a number cast by two six-sided dice.
  • You can wager not only on a particular total but also against it.

Everything looks clear-cut, doesn’t it? Let’s move on and discover craps at all its exhilarating dynamics.

  1. Each craps round starts with a so-called Come-out roll, during which participants place chips on the Pass-Line (a special section on a table layout offering to make a choice between the initial – Pass / Don’t-Pass – wagers) and endeavor to foresee a fortunate combination out of 12 possible.
  2. Choosing Pass you agree that an upcoming total may please you with lucky 7-or-11 as well as drop you out of craps revels with 2-3-or-12. On the contrary, if you prefer Don’t-Pass, the value of the mentioned numbers will be completely reversed: 2-3-and-12 will lead you to wins, while 7-and-11 will be your unforgivable crush.
  3. The dice are cast. What is next? If dice show any of these numbers, a casino will lavish on you or take your investments according to the previous Pass/Don’t-Pass decision.
  4. And what if neither of these totals appears, and 1-4-5-6-8-9-10 will be seen instead? That will be a promising moment when a Point is established and a dealer will set off a chain of consecutive rolls until the same exact point is reached once again making you rich in a blink or until dice bring 7 leaving risk-takers with a total loss.

How to play one-roll bets

With more than 15 options available, craps wagers are the crowning glory of dice randomness. Especially, when they are determined by the one unrepeatable roll.

  • Field – wins on 2-3-4-9-10-11-or-12 and loses on other numbers; it pays even-money on 3-4-9-10-11, and 2-to-1 when 2-or-12 is thrown.
  • Any-Craps – wins on 2-3-and-12, pays 7.5-to-1.
  • Craps-2 – wins on 2, pays 33-to-1.
  • Craps-12 – wins on 12, pays 33-to-1.
  • Craps-3 – wins on 3, pays 16-to-1.
  • Eleven – wins on 11, pays 16-to-1.
  • Any-7 – wins on 7, pays 4-to-1.
  • Horn is a synergy of 2-3-11-and-12, wins on any of these numbers, pays the appropriate odds on the combination shown.
  • Horn-High resembles Horn but requires a doubled stake on one of four totals.

How to play multi-roll bets

You can’t even imagine what fantastic jollies are on around a craps table when multi-roll craps bets chemistry comes into play tempting with fixed number preferences over a series of rolls.

  • Come and Don’t-Come. If Come is your choice, it wins on 7-or-11 and loses on 2-3-or-12. If Don’t-Come – wins on 3-or-12 and loses on 7-or-11. Both bets pay 1-to-1.
  • Place-Bets – win on 4-5-6-8-9-and-10, pay 7-or-9-to-1.
  • Big-6-or-Big-8 – win on 6-or-8, pays 1-to-1.
  • Hard-Ways – win on even point combinations 4-6-8-or-10 given in pairs (2+2/3+3/4+4/5+5) and pay 7.5-to-1 on 4-or-10 as well as 9.5-to-1 on 6-or-8.

How to win craps? Best strategies

No cards mean no cheating. But it doesn’t mean that casino craps condemn you to rely exceptionally on a sixth sense either! If you are wondering how to play craps and win with no foregoing hints, give a glance at the math-proved strategies below and turn every single roll into fabulous trophies.

The ultimate craps strategy

ultimate craps strategy

This strategy will surely stand you in good stead while you are taking the first steps towards craps mastery.

  • Under no circumstances should you assume that dice casts have any inner connections.
  • Don’t count on winning streaks and set your heart on casinos that provide good compensations.
  • Did you know that you are allowed to mix all appealing wagers and place more than 3 ones simultaneously?

The strategy of calculating odds

However, in hard times of no faith in your bright online craps Australia future, you would rather stand on these odds-foolproof groundings.

  • It is strongly recommended to stick to the most probable outcomes: 5-9 points are often reached during an evening. In practice, it would be a perfect choice to try luck with 6-and-8, 5-and-9, and 4-and-10 Laying Odds: they feature 16.67% inspiring odds but have slightly different rewards: 2-to-1 for 4-and-10, 3-to-2 for 5-and-9, 6-to-5 for 6-and-8.
  • More optimistic, the most recurring combination is 7: being creatable in 6-ways (1+6/2+5/3+4/4+3/5+2/6+1), it delights with 17% odds. From now on you know what 7 craps bets to opt for, right? Pass and Come await!

Where to play craps for beginners in Australia

Being the game of pure guessing and providing numerous opportunities to rock-‘n’-roll your coins, craps are considered as the most luxurious kind of Vegas entertainment. Therefore, not every online casino boasts craps titles in its galleries; but in case it does – you will fly into superior casino craps studios, get acquainted with helpful live croupiers, and indulge in never-ending dice magic. So what online craps Australia websites to look for?

  1. Red Dog casino
  2. Ignition casino
  3. VideoSlots casino

Look no further: join any of them and set your nights with shooting dice-stars alight.