How to Play Blackjack
Oliver Moore / 2 February 2021

How to play blackjack: what you need to know about reaching 21

Of all casino games you might have tried or will encounter, blackjack will turn out to be the most disruptive way to unleash your undisclosed gaming desires. You are not mistaken: once blackjack appeared in shady halls of nineteenth century European casinos, it literally took curious audiences by storm. With fast-paced card performances, adrenaline-fueled fighting against a dealer and an explosion-like exceeding 21 points, there was no other mission of blackjack but to play a role of Las Vegas dynamite and blow away casino newcomers. Some may assume that revelling in the game demands an outstanding ruthlessness and years of practice, but it’s not true at all: if you have no idea how to play blackjack, just look over this rundown for beginners.

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