How Online Gambling Regulations in California Stack Against Others Around the World
Oliver Moore / 4 February 2021

How Online Gambling Regulations in California Stack Against Others Around the World

The Gambling rules in the US can be confusing and more so when it comes to online casinos. One of the country’s most progressive states in terms of gambling regulations in California. Here, the rules are less strict and flexible, a scenario that’s ideal for both players and operators.

The Rules in California

Gambling in California is legal but operating one within the state is illegal. Residents can get around this rule by playing online games hosted in a different region without worrying about breaking the law. Many countries adopt this approach, with most casino brands operating outside of the area which they serve. Here’s a summary of California’s other gambling rules.

Sports Betting is illegal, but residents can place bets on offshore platforms.

It’s legal for residents to indulge in card games within an establishment.

Operating Dog racing and slot machines are illegal in the state of California.

How California’s Gambling Regulations Compare Globally

There’s no denying the flexibility of casino laws, especially when comparing it with those of other US states. Despite its relative gambling progressiveness, the region hasn’t tapped into the industry’s full revenue potentials. In 2018, the Supreme Court overturned the PASPA’s ban on sports betting. Many US states took advantage of this situation to legalize it, but California didn’t emulate their actions oddly.

European countries have the most liberal gambling laws, with many regions hoping to emulate them. They are also lenient with their online casino legislation and regulate a legal system that maintains a healthy balance between operators and players. Despite falling short with its gambling laws when stacked against some EU countries, California is more progressive compared to Australia’s and Middle Eastern regulations.

However, New Zealand has a similar gambling rule to California, as it isn’t illegal for resident players to play games hosted on online casinos outside the region. Gamers can indulge in gambling activities with any offshore operator without violating the law.

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