Which Casino Games Have the Best Odds in 2022
Oliver Moore / 29 November 2021
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Which Casino Games Have The Best Odds Australia

It’s important to choose games with the best casino odds Australia. Finding which casino games have the best odds and are the easiest games to win doesn’t have to be challenging. Let’s explore:

Casino Games odds importance

Casino games are a lot of fun. There’s an incredible rush when you win on a casino game, and it’s essential to ensure you head to the casino with the best chances of winning. It doesn’t matter if you’re an avid online casino goer or like to visit a casino in person, it’s important to ensure you have a good chance at winning big.

Some games have higher chances of winning than others. Taking the time to understand which games have the best casino odds Australia will help you win more at the Big House. Here are the most beatable casino games and why.

Best Online Casinos to Play in Australia

gold casino icon YOJU Casino
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Good support
silver casino icon Slotozen Casino
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Growing live casino
Support for crypto payments
24/7 live chat support
bronze casino icon StayCasino
9.19/ 10
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3,000+ games in the collection
Tournaments, lotteries and other events
Rich bonus program
Mobile-friendly casino
Instant payouts
Rouge Casino
9.15/ 10
5000 AUD
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Over 20 game providers
Gigantic welcome bonus
Huge pool of live dealers
Increased weekly withdrawal limit
Support via chat and phone
Bitkingz Casino
9.12/ 10
900 AUD + 200 Free Spins
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Powered by industry leading providers
Generous bonuses for new and returning players
A variety of unique titles
Accepts a variety of payment methods
Fast cashouts
Bizzo Casino
9.12/ 10
Up to 1000 AUD + 150 FS
Welcome Bonus
Live chat is open 24/7
Mobile friendly games
Several payment options
Home to lots of providers
Rolling Slots
9.11/ 10
200% up to 800 AUD + 100 FS
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User-friendly rock-star interface
Great welcome bonus / weekly promotions
Exclusive tiered VIP program
Huge collection of pokies /games
Immediate support team responses
Cobra Casino
9.1/ 10
Up to 1577 AUD + 300 FS
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Multiple cryptocurrencies supported
Huge range of payment options
Desktop client app
Mobile-friendly site design
Cryptocurrency sportsbook
OXI Casino
9.1/ 10
4000 AUD + 550 Free Spins
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3,000+ slots and other games
Extensive bonus program
Fast and straightforward registration
Compatible with any device
Fast cashouts
Bambet Casino
9.1/ 10
1650 AUD + 250 FS
Welcome Bonus
Generous welcome bonus package
Ten-tiered VIP rewards
Over 6,000 gaming titles
Decent sportsbook with bonuses
24/7 support live chat
Bambet Casino

What are Casino Odds and House Edge?

It’s important to understand casino odds and house edge prior to playing casino games. If you want to work out which casino games have the best odds, you need to know what to look for before playing.

How Casino Game Odds Work

Casino odds refer to your chances of winning. So you need to make sure your odds are reasonable to win big at the casino. Casino’s thrive off of probability, and choosing games that swing the odds in your favour will save you from plenty of bitter losses.

Here are three things to remember about casino odds and how they work:

  • The odds show you how likely you are to win and how much money you can win.
  • Online casinos have a built-in house advantage. This means the casino is automatically more likely to win.
  • However, in some games, this edge can be reduced.

A casino does not want players to lose all the time. When you start playing a casino game, the odds are nearly equal. However, the longer you play, the higher your chances of losing are. It’s important to find which casino games have the best odds prior to playing.

It’s common for online casinos to have decimal odds. To calculate the odds, you calculate (odds x stake) – stake to calculate the probability of winning.
For example, (2.0 x $10 stake) – 10 = $10 in winnings.

The House Edge and Payout Percentage

The house edge is the advantage that the casino has in the game. If the game has a higher house edge, the casino has a greater chance of winning.

You can use the house edge to tell you if the game is profitable or not. Aim to play games that have a lower house edge and better odds to increase your winnings.

The payout percentage refers to amount of money that is paid back to the player for each win. It usually varies from 77% to 98%. If the payout percentage is 77%, the winner takes home 0.77 of the winnings and the casino takes the remainder of the cut. You want to ensure you are playing games with a better payout percentage to ensure you take home more winnings.

List of Casino Games with Best Odds

Here is the list, holding answers on which casino games have the best odds.


Blackjack offers excellent odds for players. This is one of the table games with the best odds, as the house edge is only 1.5%.

The downside to Blackjack is that the player has to play their hand first, which means the dealer can send you bust without you seeing any of their cards. However, a little bit of skill and practice can take you a long way in Blackjack. Work on your skills prior to playing in order to increase your odds of winning big.


Baccarat is the easiest game to win. With house edge as little as 1.06%, this game allows plenty of opportunities for wins. Unfortunately, baccarat is a gamer that requires luck, and there isn’t any strategy you can use to increase your odds.

The payout percentage for Baccarat is usually 44.6%. The casino will win 45.8% of the time, and up to 51% of the time when ties are factored out.


Roulette is a game with many styles. Roulette is one of the easiest games to win. European roulette tends to have the best odds over American roulette. The odds are 2/38 for American Roulette with the house edge being 5.26%.

casino roulette odds

European roulette, however, has a significantly lower house edge of 2.7%. This is because American roulette tables have an additional 00 number. Overall, the odds for European roulette is 1/37.

Casino War

Casino War has a low house edge of 2%. Casino war is a very simple game to win, as it relies on pulling cards and luck. If the dealer’s card is higher, they win. If yours is higher, you win. There are some additional rules to follow, but the gist of it is simple.


Craps has one of the best odds on any games in the casino. There are multiple way to bet in craps which can make it daunting for the new casino player.

The Odds is one of the best bets you can make in Craps, as the odds are exactly equal for both the player and casino. The Big 8 and 8 bet has the largest house edge. The rest of the bets you can place in craps sit between 0.2%-2.5%.

Three-Card Poker

The overall percentage odds for three-card poker for the player is 44.91%. The dealer has a slightly higher edge than the player.


The games listed above have the best odds and lowest house edge in the casino. In order to maximise your chances of winning, it’s important to play games that have good odds.

It doesn’t matter if you play online casino or in-house, choosing games that have better odds will ensure you have a better chance at winning.

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