Can Online Roulette Be Rigged? Setting the Record Straight
Oliver Moore / 1 January 2022

Can Online Roulette Be Rigged? Getting Up to Speed With the Facts

With numerous casino sites available, Internet gambling in Australia has witnessed a steady rise over the years. Since there are phoney and scam sites in the mix, Aussies have resorted to making checks to ascertain the legitimacy of online casinos. No gambler wants to place wagers on games whereby a player or the host has an unfair advantage.

Although it’s a proven fact that the “house always wins,” Aussie gamblers are beginning to have doubts about the legitimacy of games, including popular choices like online roulette. For most, online casinos define the winning margins on roulette games in a bid to keep players engaged and immersed at all times.

At this juncture, you might cast your mind back to an online roulette experience that saw you stack up the chips (funds), only for your fortunes to change. Since this scenario is common, you might think your last adventure was on a rigged roulette wheel.

Moving on, can online roulette be rigged? Well, this article aims to serve as a beacon of light to see if this concern is valid or not. So let’s take a PEEK!

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Can Online Roulette Be Rigged?

When iGamers encounter tough luck during online roulette gameplay, it’s normal for them to attribute their adverse fortunes to the game or the online casino itself.

While you might be searching for roulette games to rig, it’s crucial to note that the success of this endeavour is unlikely due to the following reasons.

Strict Regulation

Although the Australian gambling industry provisions might seem grey, this jurisdiction heavily regulates the online gambling market. Besides, Aussies can patronise offshore gambling sites with certifications from top regulatory bodies like the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and Curacao.

Before an online casino receives these licenses, they’ll have to undergo stringent tests to ensure fair gambling alternatives. While you might think that this is a “one-off” event, regulatory entities can decide to make an impromptu check. If the casino doesn’t conform to set rules, they’ll have their certificates rescinded.

With these policies in place, it’ll take a bold online casino to rig their online roulette games. However, since the cons outweigh the pros, most wagering sites keep themselves in check.

Randomised Outcomes

Another reason why it’s a rarity for you or the online casino to seek out roulette games to rig is due to Random Number Generators (RNGs). For context, an RNG is an algorithm that releases random results after every roulette section. So, if you had queries themed around these lines — are online roulettes random? — here’s your answer.

Here’s how it works:

When you hit the “Play” icon, the RNG comes into play by generating millions of random outcomes. Thus, the roulette ball can land on any number during a spin. Since third-party entities develop this technology, the online casino doesn’t have a say in its use.

Regularly tested by agencies like the eCOGRA (e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance), your reservations about a rigged roulette wheel being the architect of your misfortune should be relegated to the background.

Are Live Dealer Roulette Games Rigged?

While iGaming sites can rig online roulette games (except they’re scam or phoney platforms), influencing outcomes attached to live dealer roulette games are possible. How? Let’s take a look at these points:

Rigged Equipment

When you’re playing live casino games, you can’t tell if the game features rigged equipment or not. Unfortunately, despite regulatory bodies fighting against player injustice, most live studios are guilty of this fraudulent act.

Typically, this can happen in two ways:

  • Ball-tripping.Here, a diversion causes the ball to enter a select slot as it makes its way on the roulette table.
  • Magnets.Although roulette balls feature ivory or white Delrin materials, some croupiers might attach metal bits to them. They can efficiently steer the roulette ball to their desired slot with magnets.

Online Roulette Setting the Record Straight

While these acts are regulars at underground gambling venues, online casino brands might tow this path, regardless of its strenuous nature.

Albeit achievable, integrating rigged equipment won’t work as a long-term endeavour due to regular checks by the regulatory bodies.

Croupier Skill

While talent is typically attached to promising ventures, a croupier can employ their skills to rig a table. A croupier can be so skilled that repeating a similar sequence lands the roulette ball into their preferred pockets.

That said, it’s essential to understand that this act doesn’t come through 100% as external factors can influence results. Nevertheless, since it works on select occasions to short-change players, the chances of a software provider manipulating live dealer roulette gameplay rank high. It just depends on WHEN.

Note:To avoid these activities in their entirety, engaging a top-notch software provider is vital. Succumbing to regular checks, you’re sure that these developers won’t risk their reputation for some measly Australian Dollars.

How Can Online Roulette Take Advantage of You?

While it might seem that we painted online roulette in a good light, this gambling form can take advantage of you (in a legal way, if we may add).

Now, you’re probably asking yourself why online roulette taking advantage of players is legitimate, right? Before you lead a counter debate, here’s some perspective:

“The house always wins” is one phrase you’re bound to hear at one point or the other. In online roulette, there’s a terminology tagged the “house edge”.

For context, while European Roulette has a 2.7% house edge, American Roulette has a value of 5.3% due to its “double zero” add-on. These numbers are just tell-tales of the fact that the casino will always win, no matter how juicy your streak might seem.

So, when you engage an online roulette title, have in mind that the casino (house) will always have an edge. While you might think this is rigging, the casino needs the advantage to stay in business. Thus, you win some, and you lose SOME.


Can online roulette be rigged? If you made a Google search in these lines, we’re sure that this article gave you the “much needed” context.

Although you think your losing margins are due to a rigged roulette table, established iGaming sites don’t feature phoney titles. Furthermore, it’s almost impossible to manipulate online roulette with RNGs in the mix to release numerous outcomes.

Irrespective of how immersive and exciting online roulette gameplay might seem, endeavour to gamble responsibly at all TIMES.

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