Blackjack Cheating Strategy in Australia – You Should Know About It
Oliver Moore / 14 December 2021
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Online blackjack cheating in Australia

Blackjack players often ask How cheaters get away with blackjack cheating. Despite the high risks attached to most of these methods, a blackjack cheat can utilize a wide array of techniques and methods. This article explores these methods further and how gamblers often get a chance to win using these methods. Blackjack cheating is a simple game of strategy based on skill. Nevertheless, players are constantly seeking ways to cheat the casino. It is not a cheating technique to count the number of cards being dealt and the ones left uncounted during the blackjack game. In Blackjack, there are numerous online cheating techniques. The most common is using a blackjack cheating device.

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General Overview on Blackjack Cheating

In terms of ranking all casino games, Blackjack has one crucial advantage. Besides being easy and profitable, it also offers some security. Here’s what you need to know: casino games generally fall into two categories. The first category includes games such as poker. You’ll need to put quite a lot of effort into learning how to do it properly – let alone mastering it. It does have a meagre house advantage, however. Poker can even provide you with a sustainable income if you are good enough.

Slot machines occupy the opposite end of the spectrum. Since they do not require any mental effort on your part to win, they are dirt easy. However, you often do not win since they tend to be biased in favour of the house. There is nothing quite like Blackjack – it has one of the lowest house edges and is widely accessible. They tend to be among the most commonly targeted by scammers and grifters in the casino industry because of these factors. You can be pretty interested in seeing how they cheat in particular situations. Blackjack cheating devices can help you cheat in Blackjack.

Card counting – Blackjack Cheating Method that works

There is a growing interest in learning how to count cards in Blackjack; it’s tricky, but if you already know the game well, this is an excellent method for understanding when you’ve got a good shot at winning. When you understand the basics of card counting and eventually dabble in advanced strategies, you will enhance your blackjack skills and potentially hit the jackpot. For example, if you are using Hi-Lo, you would do this for each card you draw: no matter how many cards you draw, you will keep doing this until the blackjack dealer reshuffles the cards. As long as there was only one deck of cards, this information would have sufficed to begin trading. Regardless of how many decks there are, the player’s advantage begins to shift. A negative running count gives the casino an advantage. Assuming we have five decks left and a Running Count often, our True Count would be 2. (10 ÷ 5).

With two decks remaining, our True Count is -3 if our Running Count is -7. (-7 ÷ 2). We can use this information to make profitable bets using perfect basic strategy and card counting. That is how card counters earn their living.

Blackjack Cheating Devices

You could tamper with a slot machine’s payout chute by sneaking steel and wire into it using a homemade slider device. Blackjack Beater, a pocket-sized, silent, vibration Blackjack cheating device that counts cards quickly and discreetly, is an excellent start for someone new to counting cards. With this cool and sly device, you can empty a slot machine at the touch of a button! Casino surveillance cameras cannot see this type of device since it can be concealed. Essentially, you strap the device around your arm and place it under your coat to obtain alternative cards to win at the tables. Ace sequences are shuffled and tracked with this tool. Through this tool, you will keep track of the dealt cards and compute the locations of those cards to make a card chart even if they are discarded. When you continue playing in the next round, you will place the cards correctly since you already know their positions.

Blackjack Cheating Methods

Blackjack Cheating Methods

Despite the difficulty, many people wish to find out how to cheat at Blackjack every year; even so, many aspiring card counters and, worse, people try their luck at the tables every year.

Blackjack Cheats – Card and Chip Switching

Using chips to cheat is one of the simplest forms of cheating at a Blackjack table. A quick-handed cheat might add a chip or swap a red for a blue when favourable conditions, such as when the dealer shows a mid-rank card.

Cheating in Blackjack – Card Counting

There is no official cheating involved with such a technique, and it is not illegal, unlike some of the other blackjack cheating strategies. BlackJack card counting refers to counting all the big cards in the deck and keeping track of when they become ‘positive’ for the player.

Cheating in Blackjack – Team Play

All cheating blackjack methods described thus far can be used by an individual. A slight mathematical advantage can be considerably more powerful by adding more people.


In the case of casino gambling, cheating should always be condemned as a crime, plain and simple. That being said, cheaters can always inspire grudging admiration from the gambling public with the lengths they go to and the sheer creativity involved in their scams. If caught, cheating is unethical and could result in legal action. Here are some tips for big wins at online casinos. When you cheat online casinos, how much can you make in AUD? Good hacking skills and knowledge of the tricks will allow you to make more.

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