Australia’s Casinos and Its Gambling Market
Oliver Moore / 1 February 2021

Australia’s Casinos and Its Gambling Market

Australia is home to some of the most active gamblers, with casinos facilitating many gaming forms. You’ll find one in resorts, cruise ships, hotels, restaurants, and more, with all open only to persons above the age of 21.

Many casinos in this region often offer several side attractions other than gambling to entertain customers. You could find some of these establishments also playing host to stand up comedy shows, concerts, and sporting events.

An Overview

The Australian Casino industry kicked off in 1973 with the West Point Hotel Casino’s establishment in Hobart, Tasmania. Over four decades later, the market is one of the most active globally, featuring over a dozen land-based options in the country. There’s an unwritten rule of longevity and excellence in the industry, with the average age of casinos currently standing at 34 years, a figure significantly higher than the 1999 value of 12.

Many top establishments incorporate other activities into their services, including doubling up as restaurants, golf courses, and hotels. This setup makes them an excellent and exciting hotspot destination for millions of tourists exploring the country.

The casino industry brings in revenue and exposure for the country through its status as a tourism attraction. It’s also a source of employment for members of Australian society.

Australia’s Online Casinos

Australia’s gambling industry’s online branch recently experienced an impressive spike in engagement due to the government imposed lockdowns. Many economic sectors closed down to curtail the spread of the Covid-19 virus, including the gaming industry. Many players switched to their online counterparts in numbers without access to land-based casinos, resulting in a high spark in the latter’s popularity.

The switch to online casinos seems to come with no drawbacks, but perks as players experience the convenience of playing remotely anytime. They also get to enjoy fast payout times, higher bonuses, and more in this market.

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