Australia Casino Predicts Online Casino Trends to Expect in 2022
Oliver Moore / 3 February 2021

Australia Casino Predicts Online Casino Trends to Expect in 2022

Seasoned reviewers of online casinos and casino games, Australia Casino, have come up with a prediction of multiple trends we’re likely to see in the Australian online casino scene in 2022. According to them, the industry is highly likely to go through numerous significant changes after the ups and downs of 2020.

In their opinion, the shortage of live sports necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic led to a significant, unprecedented increase in online casinos and slot players. Due to this, we’re likely to see several changes.

Increase in the Number of Online Casino Providers

According to Australia Casino, 2022 will see the continued launching of several new Aussie online casino providers, a trend that started in the previous year, to meet players’ demands affected by the various lockdown and social distancing rules. This prediction came right about when the Australian Communication and Media Authority reiterated its commitment to intensify efforts in the crackdown on illegal casino operators in the country.

Development of the Mobile Casino Gaming Sector

Australia Casino predicts that the mobile casino gaming industry will most likely receive a boost in 2022, following the increase in the bias exhibited by online casino players towards playing on mobile devices rather than on laptops or desktops. The casino review powerhouse wants us to expect a further increase in the gap between mobile gaming and other online casino playing methods.

Continued Growth of Virtual Reality Gaming

With new technologies getting introduced every day, VR gaming is an innovation that has taken the Aussie online casino industry by storm. Australia Casino noted a boom in VR gaming usage towards the end of 2020, and it expects the trend to continue this year with a dramatic increase in live games offered by providers.

More Online Casino Providers to Support Cryptocurrency

The unprecedented increase in the value of Bitcoin recorded towards the end of last year has led Australia Casino to believe that we’re likely to see a spike in the popularity of cryptocurrency casinos in 2022. While it’s not yet clear as to what dimension it’ll take, there’s no denying the possibilities.

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