Apple Incorporated Slammed with Class-action Gambling Lawsuit
Oliver Moore / 25 February 2021

Apple Incorporated Slammed with Class-action Gambling Lawsuit

Reports show that leading technology giant, Apple Incorporated has been slammed with a class-action lawsuit in the United States. The class-action alleges that the company has made illegal profits by giving users of its devices and service subscribers access to free-play online casino-style games.

As obtained from, the lawsuit was filed with the United States District Court for the Northern District of California yesterday, by Keisha Lowe, the lead plaintiff. The lawsuit names Ohio, Massachusetts, New York and Illinois amongst 25 other states as co-complainants.

The news domain also makes it clear that the plaintiff seeks immediate sanctions in addition to $5 million in damages, attorney fees, and compensation as regards claims of unjust enrichment and statutes covering the recovery of gambling losses.

Strong Allegations

The class-action claims that Apple Incorporated has violated several gambling prohibitions with the free-play games it offers on its App Store. According to the lawsuit, these violations relate to the opportunity it offers users to buy virtual currencies and other digital goods via in-app purchases.

The lawsuit also alleges that the corporation appears to suck in gaming enthusiasts by providing them a limited amount of tokens they can start with, before prompting them to buy more tokens to continue playing the game.

Opening Opportunity

Although lovers of free-play casino-style games cannot receive actual cash prizes, the complainants believe that Apple Incorporated violates anti-gambling laws in the 25 states since the statutes allow players to pay money in exchange for the opportunity of winning more playing time.

Exact Stand

Going further, the lawsuit alleges that Apple Incorporated is worthy of sanctions since it makes significant profit by hosting Zygma Casino Apps on its App Store. The lawsuit presumes that the free-play titles are developed by the San Francisco-based Zygma Incorporated.

The class-action also alleges that Apple Incorporated promotes illegal gambling by acting as an unlicensed casino by allowing users to buy tokens they use in playing Las Vegas-style games like roulette, blackjack and poker.

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